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R&N Systems Design Brochure

R&N Systems Design is a national leader in detention security design. R&N performs multiple jail and prison detention new construction and retrofits every year. Many are whole system replacements including detention hardware, detention glazing, fire alarms, locking control PLCs, HMIs intercoms, paging, IP video, perimeter detection, duress systems, and more...

How to Retrofit Controls

Systems age in occupied buildings. Maintenance costs can increase over time as equipment breaks, is discontinued, or damaged while in use. An important metric of a systems’ condition is the annual cost to repair or recondition systems to full function. At some point, they must be replaced...

Contraband Cellphones

The 1934 Communications act established the Federal Communications Commission to regulate radio and communications across the United States. Section 302 of the 1934 communications Act makes it illegal to block radio signals which is how cell phones communicate. Cell phones are considered contraband in detention facilities. Since a general jamming device is not allowed by the FCC, several approaches have been developed to deal with cellphones...

R&N Systems Design Experience

R&N enjoys a growing national reputation among architectural firms and facility owners and operators as the leader in the specialized field of security system design. R&N creates innovative design solutions that set new standards in critical areas of security and life safety. The firm wins high praise for its depth of knowledge, research-based solutions, and comprehensive system designs utilizing state-of-the-art equipment...

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