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Unparalleled Experience

The team at R&N have devoted their professional careers to designing highly integrated security systems consisting of multiple subsystems. It’s not just their profession, it’s their passion. Their portfolios include more than 360 security system design projects in jurisdictions across the nation.  

R&N has provided design services for:

  • IP camera systems integrated with PLC Door Control systems.
  • IP camera systems integrated with Access Control systems.
  • Fire Alarm systems integrated with PLC Door Control systems.
  • Fire Alarm systems integrated with Access Control systems.
  • Intercom and paging systems integrated with PLC Door Control systems.
  • Common fiber optic infrastructure supporting multiple separate systems and networks.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies integrated with reporting systems.
  • Personal alarm systems integrated with central annunciation systems.
  • Perimeter detection systems integrated with IP video surveillance systems.
  • Replacement of existing security electronic systems with new equipment.
  • Replacement of existing fire alarm systems with new equipment.
  • Construction Administration and Commission services for all security systems.
  • Detention Hollow Metal, Detention Hardware, and Security Glazing.
  • Other customized control situations.

Single-Source Consultation & Solutions

As a single source for multiple subsystems, R&N is uniquely qualified to simplify and unify project coordination, design, and testing.  Services include the design of fully integrated low voltage security electronic systems, including, but not limited to: 

Security Electronic Systems

  • PLC Based Locking Control Systems
  • Touch Screen Graphic Control Systems
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Video Surveillance Systems
  • Intercom and Paging Systems
  • Perimeter Detection Systems
  • Video Visitation and Arraignment
  • Personal Alarm Systems
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)


  • Telephone and Data Networks
  • Fiber Optics Distribution networks
  • Audio Visual Systems

Fire Alarm

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Coordination with MEP


  • Detention Hollow Metal
  • Detention Doors and Frames
  • Detention Electro-Mechanical Locks
  • Detention Window Security Glazing

Staffing and Organization Provisions

At R&N we utilize the All-Hands-On approach when it comes to upgrade projects. Each of our senior team members have specialty fields that ensure the overall quality of service and design provided each client remains at the highest level.

Our team’s longevity together in the corrections industry has dictated that each of our team members at the senior and junior level have become well versed in each of the design process disciplines. This factor allows the project design leader the ability to hand off activities as time and scheduling conflicts occur without placing a strain on quality or deadlines.

Throughout the entire design process, we “QC” (Quality Check) our design in-house using a senior team member who is not directly involved with the specific project to ensure the quality and clarity of each design is at the highest level.


Using Revit since 2009


Using AutoCAD since 200


We use Autodesk BIM 360 Cloud

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